Portable espresso machines

Do you travel a lot?  If that is the case then the portable espresso machines will be perfect for you.  These rather new inventions of the modern technology give you what a short while ago no one was dreaming of – a portable espresso.  They make it possible for people to drink quality espresso whatever they are – in the garden, on a trip in the mountain or on the sunny beach.

handpressoHandpresso was quick to invent the term of mobile espressos, by manufacturing portable espresso machines.  Now, every espresso lover in the world can bring along his espresso machine everywhere they go.  The main principle that was followed when inventing the Handpresso was the simplicity.  The model has not of the complicated and traditional characteristics of the famous espresso machine brands, but all the same manages to achieve a 16 bar pressure.

The Handpresso has a very original and really stylish design and its appearance in 2008 made a new revolution in the espresso making world.  Thanks to it, even the longest car trip can be enjoyable, especially when bad dinner coffee is out of the equation.

After its first appearance in 2008, Handpresso continued to evolve and search for new solutions, which would make the espresso even more genuine.  The different models, however, remain simple, as the Handpresso concept remains the same. The quality of the drink is great and is comparable to low end home espresso makers.

It can be used everywhere, making it possible for espresso enthusiasts to have their shot of coffee whatever they are at the moment.  The fact that Handpresso is very simple to use is another quality most users are looking for, as no one wants to operate a complicated machine during their holidays.

Handpresso allows you to prepare good quality espressos, lattes, cappuccinos and Americano.  It requires only some hot water and an E.S.E coffee pod, which is easy to find at the supermarket.  The machine is very durable, but weights very little and is cleaned just by rinsing it under water.  This is the coffee machine that fits into your pocket and actually allows you to make the coffee to your liking, as it is up to you to pump it.  The Minipresso, for example, needs no batteries and relies on your creativity and taste.

Portable espresso machines are what you would call a wonderful invention.  Although, they are made with the intention to be used away from home, no one is stopping you to use it at the office or while working in your garage.  What makes it unique is it portability and easy use, especially if you are tired of the complicated and messy traditional coffee makers.

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